Insha Australia Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based investment company. The company is active in pursuing interest in mid-scale real estate development, renewable energy projects, strategic metals and private equity.

The company works closely with its headquarters, Insha Holdings Berhad, where significant investment opportunities are available to the sophisticated investor segment. The group specialises in high yielding notes with short to midterm investment horizons.

Insha Australia works closely with the Board and Management of Insha Holdings Berhad in developing various business verticals and more particularly “competence” in its chosen investment segments. No investment decision is made randomly. Each evaluation is underpinned by experts in the segment and need to be as strategic and scalable as they are profitable.

Insha Australia Pty Ltd has also established a partnership with Bellmonts Accountants & Advisors ( for the provision of high-quality tax and accounting advice and services. Bellmonts have a proven understanding of the needs of various investor segments and have had an association with the founders of Insha dating back over 35 years.

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