Insha CarbonEx is a part of the wider Insha Holdings Berhad group – a Malaysian based Shariah compliant, ESG focussed public company.

Insha CarbonEx was created to facilitate the buying and selling of voluntary carbon credits both in Malaysia and globally. Supporting this initiative, is a collaboration with United Nations Global Compact – Malaysia & Brunei to ensure the highest standards of governance is applied to the validation of carbon offsets purchased and sold thus creating a “Gold Standard”.

Insha CarbonEx works with project developers embarking on new emission reducing projects, existing projects (e.g.,existing, or commissioned Renewable Energy projects) and other similarly carbon offset generating projects such as Forestry or Mangrove plantation or rehabilitation.

Our business is built on the recognition that businesses that use fossil fuels and produce carbon dioxide do not pay for the implications of burning those fossil fuels directly. Whilst they incur costs such as the fuel itself, there are many other costs that are both not included and / or not immediately visible. These are known as externalities. Fossil fuel usage tend to lead predominantly to negative externalities, meaning that the consumption of the product has negative effects on third parties.

An opportunity exists for companies to commit to the climate agenda in a visible and transparent manner by ensuring at the very least, a neutral carbon footprint. We are not in any way advocating a lack of focus on energy efficiency and other means of mitigating the emission of noxious gases. What we are condoning however is to make available a platform that allows for the residual carbon footprint to be offset in a transparent and measured manner ie by the selling and buying of voluntary carbon credits.

The buyers in the voluntary carbon market are often companies that have already implemented carbon reduction plans internally. However, to achieve a carbon neutral or “net zero” target, they may wish to purchase carbon credits to offset their residual “footprint” from a project or development that has reduced or avoided emissions elsewhere.

The sellers in the voluntary carbon market are generally project developers who implement carbon reduction projects. Every tonne of CO2 emissions avoided can be sold as a carbon offset, compensating for a tonne of CO2 emitted elsewhere.

Anyone – companies, businesses, non-profit, or individuals – can buy voluntary carbon offsets from ourselves. We operate strictly on a “willing seller willing buyer” basis and offer full transparency of the source of the carbon offsets sold.

Companies who invest in voluntary offsets can demonstrate their commitment to tackling climate change and minimizing their own environmental impact. They are, in our view, often perceived more favorably by ESG conscious stakeholders.