Private Credit Investment and Financing Facilities


IHB’s strategic investment into the Private Credit business, a sector renowned for its exceptionally high returns, has been a resounding success by virtue that it steadily contributes to the doubling of equity and by large, the expansion of Insha Group’s consolidated balance sheet.

Recognizing the challenges faced by traditional banks in swiftly processing and approving temporary increases in credit to customers, IHB seizes the opportunity to cater to the burgeoning market demand for bridging financing. The post pandemic loan portfolio growth has seen an increase in the number of active customers along with the significant improvements in the repayment discipline.

The typical clients benefiting from IHB’s presence in the Private Credit business are Small Medium Enterprises [ SMEs] operating in Malaysia. By consistently providing a swift and secure collateralised credit line via our Fund Manager, the steady flow of funds has helped these enterprises capitalise on time-sensitive market opportunities.

IHB’s risk mitigation initiatives are structured to minimise counterparty risk through its strategic partnership with a third-party licensed lender who assumes the risk, providing IHB with a guaranteed fixed return that will contribute to a predictable stream of risk-adjusted income growth for Insha Group in the years to come.