The Impact of Insha at Melbourne’s Malaysia Investors’ Networking Session

As Charles Schultz wrote about not worrying that the world was coming to an end today for its already tomorrow in Australia. For sure, it was as far away as you could get, yet Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) made sure that the warmth of the Malaysian hospitality was indeed far reaching, in a bid to position Malaysia as the digital hub of ASEAN.

In a collaborative effort with Global Victoria, it was a meeting of sorts at the Investment Centre Victoria in Collins Street, Melbourne where this September 2023 event provided Australian investors, an opportunity to understand Malaysia’s digital economy development and its thriving ecosystem.

Radstone Capital Partners and Insha Holdings Berhad, CEO Mr Ramesh Kana attended this event to explore the business prospects and collaboration opportunities with Australian developers, brand marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists seeking to set the pace from growth to profitability in capital raise and placements which provides significant value upside.
Mr Ramesh Kana is pleased that MDEC efforts to opening new doors has catalysed digital transformation and brought in shared prosperity for all Malaysians. Furthermore, Ramesh believes that with prudent and patient investing, while not very exciting, will in the end, pay off for investors, founders, their teams for a fact that the market grows every year as costs rise and ultimately going digital becomes inevitable.